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beg1 - the ideal/detail/magic track yyyyaaa!
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Author:  j3nda [ Sun Nov 04, 2007 8:41 pm ]
Post subject:  beg1 - the ideal/detail/magic track yyyyaaa!

hi guys.
beg1 is the best for catch really speed detail drive. and i feel be better now, when i did in

0:00:05:871 j3nda

really, no hacks!

but my comp have old GeForce 440MX graphic card, and sometime, the fps counter freez, but game goes-on.

Normal, go ahead drive is on 5s, the 2 curves (in my math counting) plus 1 - 0.5s.

I hope, that this track can be driven under 5.7-5.7s.

would you?
[sory for my english]

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