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PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 3:33 am 

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Hi forum :-)

I'm toying recently with Newlisp programming language. I'm trying to write a game using hardware rendered graphisc. I just found out i can use Raydium Engine inside Newlisp. I ported simple.c program into newlisp and it worked! It looks to me that Raydium has very elegant api and will match all my needs for the game. I know very little about OpenGL. I studied a few tutorials and i find it very hard to find my way around with this library. Am i right, that developing OpenGL code using OpenGL 4 hardware i could end up with code not working properly in OpenGL2 hardware? But that's not the point. I found one problem, i scrolled the source a bit and i'm aware, it could be hard to solve: raydium_init_args function is not exported to shared library. It's a problem because newlisp encourages you to create additional modules using only shared libraries. And i doubt i have knowledge to write a glue code for static linking. Luckily, the simple.c ported script runs just fine on win7 and slack14 :mrgreen: Here is my script:

  (find ostype '("Win32", "Cygwin"))
     (set 'RAYDIUM_LIB "raydium.dll"))
  (= ostype "Linux")
    (set 'RAYDIUM_LIB "libraydium.so"))

(import RAYDIUM_LIB "raydium_clear_frame")
(import RAYDIUM_LIB "raydium_ode_draw_all")
(import RAYDIUM_LIB "raydium_rendering_finish")
 ;~ (import RAYDIUM_LIB "raydium_init_args")
(import RAYDIUM_LIB "raydium_init_load")
(import RAYDIUM_LIB "raydium_ode_ground_set_name")
(import RAYDIUM_LIB "raydium_callback")
(import RAYDIUM_LIB "raydium_camera_freemove")

(define (display)
   (raydium_camera_freemove RAYDIUM_CAMERA_FREEMOVE_NORMAL)
   (raydium_ode_draw_all RAYDIUM_ODE_DRAW_NORMAL)

(raydium_init_load "simple.conf")
(raydium_ode_ground_set_name "cocorobix.tri")
(raydium_callback (callback 0 'display))


I hope u like my little project and i hope i will make some playable game :-)


PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:37 am 
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Pleased to see playing around with Raydium in a particularly unusual way ! :)

About "raydium_init_args", it's supposed to be an issue only for raydium.dll, it should be fine with libraydium.so where it's exported, IIRC. In C, with win32, we solve this issue by this hack :
#define raydium_init_args(argc,argv)\

#define raydium_init_args_name(argc,argv,app_name)\

In other words, if you have any atexit-like functionality in Newlisp, you can "regain" raydium_init_args using raydium_atexit_call and raydium_init_args_hack, which are exported in win32 library.

Let me know if this answer is not clear enough :)

About OpenGL version, vendor drivers always provides retro-compliant APIs (not always true with OpenGL ES on embedded devices, of course), so it means that your OpenGL 4 compliant driver+card will also provides all OpenGL features of OpenGL 3.3, 3.2, and so on down to OpenGL 1.0.

If you want to create OpenGL 2 code, you must watch out and only use OpenGL 2 functions (and avoid 1.x, for this particular case). Note that you can set explicitly your GLSL version in your shaders, it's an easy way to keep them compliant with a particular OpenGL version (GLSL 1.20 for OpenGL 2.1)

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