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A Pick Function
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Author:  Andrew [ Wed Sep 21, 2005 10:52 pm ]
Post subject:  A Pick Function

My apologies for writing this in English...

Does Raydium's API include a "pick" function. That is, a function that processes a mouse click event and returns either the identity of an object the mouse is clicking on and/or the 3D point at which a line drawn from the camera to the mouse would intersect a landscape mesh?

I couldn't see such a function in the API and was wondering if it were present.

Thanks in advance,

Author:  Xfennec [ Thu Sep 22, 2005 7:06 am ]
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Hi !
There's no problem with english questions :)
You're right, there's no picking feature in Raydium. ODE (physics) may allow this easily using rays. I'm adding this to my todo list.

Is something like that is ok ? :
int raydium_ode_pick_mouse(int *element, dReal *localx, dReal *localy, dReal *localz);

returning "touched" element's id and local (x,y,z) point.

Author:  Andrew [ Thu Sep 22, 2005 10:45 pm ]
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That'd be superb, thanks! I'm looking forward to using it :)

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