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PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:20 am 

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I'm so late with this game / didn't know about it !
I feel compelled to add my comment now anyway before I too die (this is one of my main serious points...)

*before that serious point.... it might be handy to know I used the portableapps.com site to know about this - when I was trying out the games category as it's in portable format there.

so some points to make! Please accept them with my gratitude for the game (and perhaps poor attempt to continue such great things).

1- Canyon track was nice and long... Clio Bros 2 was a simple one to get stuck on! - I admit I got the idea to go slower but finally looked specifically for this in the forum to understand to completely let got of the gas before the turbo! My time of 12.xx's said I beat the author which was a nice msg (and I wondering before too if this game would say that... and it did!)

I don't play much games any more, below is why followed by other points...

2- the serious bit...
- would be good to have clear ways on how to help - many game point you towards donations, but ultimately money isn't going to save it or the only way... (not saying this game does) so at the same time as my 100 appreciations exist whilst I'm playing this game (great game!) I'm a a little sad too that games (playing many in my youth) don't seem to surpass more only time-consumption after a certain point - (I'm looking things that are more connected with the world and that good things, the good spirit of open stuff needs to take over a bit more because maybe we got nothing else better to do)... I think it's essential for continuation, community, real connection in the world and so we're not just repeating over and over again the same tracks without being able to see clear ways to build / contribute to things and not get stuck in just virtual button tapping / sitting far apart mode...
I guess I'm asking for something that helps solve the world somewhat (a lot to ask) and to start with a clear idiot-proof ways how to keep it going unless I've missed it here...

- e.g. I would like to see more on the scoreboard, player screen-shots / picture gallery's or maybe it's up to me to do it and get better instead of expecting it programmed on a plate.
Maybe there is more to life than appreciating what already exists and keeping it, but we're not sure there is!... it's up to all of us to contribute otherwise it's rather a one-way system... "how?? GamesMaster how??"...

(it's not all on your shoulders but could be considered for this game)

3- here is my dedication page linking to your site and forum!
Consider it my answer and effort (for now) asking all this stuff - it's the only way I know how right now to show something and perhaps surfing more in the forum will reveal more..

4- Live Chat room / IRC link - an instant one is: http://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=ManiaDrive
Change the end part to anything you like for the name.

5- hot key for music control (pause, next, previous) maybe as F1,F2 etc keys...
EDIT: A MAniaDrive Winamp skin lol ...

6- showing number of attempts:
- hidden by default but revealable in-game
- or a simple text file with number counter inside
- or however you wish

7- phpbb defaults "Notify me when a reply is posted" is off right now by default so every new user must know (& remember) to click the checkbox for "Notify me when a reply is posted" to get a reply or check the page manually - I never understood that default in phpBB where boards are mostly for replies so by default having them on seems to make sense than not... and people do forget to check that box as I have and used many BB's before... (or people can try to find their User Control Panel » Board preferences » Edit posting defaults... to change it - maybe some out there didn't even know you could! :> )

8- I wanted to DOWNLOAD the audio whilst playing and accidental saw on the forum all the audio is a simple directory of ogg files! Thanks! C:\ManiaDrive\game\mania_music\
I would not mind the extra info of the band / your friends bands if they were part of your scene...

Perhaps a shortcut button or something to the audio would help find it or adding our own tracks...
- like an 'Open Audio Directory' button
- a self-check where the program reports "Game audio directory is currently: C:\ManiaDrive\game\mania_music\"

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:40 pm 
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From my point of view, this game has made his time, I am/was working on its second iteration (ManiaDrive 2 / ManiaCrash), so I won't make any update to the game or "invest" any time in it. You're a bit late, as you say :)

Games, like a lot of things, have to evolve. ManiaDrive can't compete with newer games, even in the open source world :)

... but this is free software! So feel free to provide any contribution here, including code contribution, particulary for your 5 and 6 points, that looks like good ideas to me.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:45 am 

Joined: Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:33 am
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I do completely appreciate how much energy you seem to input over the years (I'm still reading the forum now) which is great to keep for various reasons if not a re-seeding ;)
It may simply come down to money (and the need to keep busy for it) or like you said it's time is over, next game / game over.

Join me in thinking about about game design and it's lifespan...

For games, I feel, it's not just about getting what we want (graphics, new stuff, download and delete etc) but it's also about what we need (participation, multi-player interaction, colouring-in books, LAN!). Perhaps all is not possible at the same time but some more is... and the ingredients of previous games may hint a lot to what works... actually the live score board and lots of those things are doing really well to keep me looking at the site and for something maybe 8 years ago [?] maybe that's actually thinking more ahead than I would think now!

- Recordings of the best times would be good for upload (like an official TOP 10) if not already

Perhaps another basic game and example is Quake (basic in certain ways) - I played it a lot (had to quit that which is another story) but people still play it today because of it's on-line easy of jumping in (quakelive.com)... The appreciation / love for it was there or the simplicity so when it had a simple interface on the net (+ went fee) it provided an outlet... the fire is still there for even the games small 'shitty' games I've saved all these years... so the main thing is being satisfied with a game (or satisfied with 10 games) and then thinking about a system of keeping it alive - I think is possible and at least keeping in mind - developing those sides of things games more than the actual game perhaps!

- trick recordings, highlights / featured stuff, comedy voice overs, car styling and more (generally creativity)... I'd love... and even a ways to join all the dead games together somehow... a template / system for allowing game re-birth for new and old gamers... for sure some ways seen as long-shots /indirect ways and some 'slowly but surely' /direct ways.

Perhaps most things are destined to be overruled with some new high-tech-hype. somewhat naturally or those things purely fuelled with money, graphics and branding, but when people do complete the game at the the end I think there still a need to think about what next... that's it?
for example: what did you expect after we completed it? (what did you think we might do, did you think about it? is it worth thinking about?).

The credits were a great touch. Really great. Some idea of what each designer did might have been funny (some arrows, facepictures, emails) BUT just putting screen-shots of you guys designing it is a major improvement to the usual scrolling text for game credits. The more meaning and feeling the better... ultimately there's not much more maybe because no-one actually thought about the end deeply enough or programmed it! It's easy to think people didn't think things would be so great or even keeping the mediocre would be worth it long-term. Where more is it possible to lead gamers?
Just doing the the game I can imagine is time-consuming enough and no-one had 'more' time (or the motivation) to dedicate to that part. Consider me stepping up to at least answer that even if it's a game I just jumped into...

It's also the gamers choice to keep things going / keep playing ...but by design I think having open avenues for gamers and letting them continue is the main lead means they can naturally assume leadership when you guys get enough / die out.
The BB should definitely stay :) I'd happily give you some web space btw just in case you ever needed it.

- Just chatting to authors / other gamers is great (that's why I mentioned IRC maybe for the casual surfer live on the site).
[EDIT: Eh, I have just ideas it seems, maybe no skills]

I never met or spoke to any of the games I played.... or musicians I listened to... come to think of it most things! What a missed opportunity and crucial part of the life cycle of creation... I'm just at the end reaping all the benefits, just rip their games (or wait for others I never met to rip them!) download their music from the internet and then feel bad after that I never met them, participated, kinda used them and their music and found it hard to give credit in a robust way after enjoying it! Nothing! I could do more (donate) but by maybe design their is more to it for me/coders/gamers? Don't want to sound demanding... it's kinda mutual I hope.

- I guess I could throw you some money (solves one part maybe but also still quite cold / remote)
- Maybe you could use my webspace but you probably have all that....

I guess for now to be able to speak in such a basic way on the forum for now and see you actually did most of the fun ideas I could think of is a truly great thing 'back in the day'!

How to keep the spirit of the game alive without killing ourselves over it and then just calling this day 'back in the day' is something else.
Jumping into a forum and showing appreciation is definitely one way... I'm not a coder though I might have a look anyway!

- I looked already for some tutorials (hmm not much) but have a feeling it would take weeks as the wiki says. I also have to think what I can do with learning it!
- One of my task is to get working an open-source / non-commercial way of video conferencing between people... other ways I tried a year or two ago were problematic even on the same network...

Ok that's it mainly, tried to edit this down (sorry). I hope some things were not too far out / a bad example... I know that meeting the bands I like IS far out but the sentiment to say thanks personally to Prodigy, Jamiroquai etc are still there and that IS the point for me until more people add better ideas... I'm sure sure more casual kinds appreciation/kudos (rather than than being mobbed by people at first site0 exist but right now it all seems exclusive and lacking in connection. Need to practice being in front of and working with our legends - way too far apart right now. The examples maybe different but keeping the value of things / games / crowds / sentiments I still think it can amount to keeping momentum or +1 increment! (something more than 0, death, stagnation, and not just leaving it all to the commercial/monetary groups to rule the waves using adverts to convince us to buy/use/download via advertising and other strengths they have).

p.s just found the to-do list / wiki... http://wiki.raydium.org/wiki/RoadMap

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