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PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 2:32 pm 
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Perhaps not the perfect thread for this, but let's see this a the "win32 SDK support thread" :)

I had a small (tiny) trouble with the SDK, that can become a bit annoying, I think. On my windows machine, I've a directory where I'm storing all new SDKs, allowing me to play a bit with it. But my (more or less) main SDK is an old one, updated with SVN, that I only erase when an important change is done into the SDK (and not into the engine).

While updating to current SVN head, this old SDK started to gives me unresolved symbols about raydium_vertex_arr and things like that (with compile_all.bat), added recently into the engine. Everything was OK with the fresh new 1025 SDK.

I first think that something was changed in the build process, but I was unable to find any difference in the .bat files. On the other hand, the raydium.def file, that I think is used in the linking step, was showing these symbols.

And then I discovered that in my bin directory, there was some libraydium(d).* files, probably built a long time ago with the codeblocks project files and that the building script is linking preferably with these old files than with the freshly compiled raydium.def/.dll files ! That also means that I'm probably linking to the wrong version of the engine in this SDK for quite a long time ago :)

Removing the suspect files solved immediately the issue.

I dunno if it's even possible, but it could be a good idea to force the compile.bat script to link explicitly to the "correct" DLL instead of letting GCC to (wrongly, sometimes, as we see here) do the job itself using the "-lraydium" switch. Or perhaps simply remove the libraydium.* files during the compile_raydium_dll.bat step, perhaps ?

This absolutely not a urgent or even important point, but that kind of things can turn a simple debugging session into a real nightmare, simply because you don't like the right file ;)

PostPosted: Tue Nov 02, 2010 8:21 pm 

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This is ennoying.

I've made some test here. And in fact the only reason i can find is that the dll wasn't build since a long time.

Normaly compile_all build verything, and the dll first. At this time there is no reason that other compile and dll can be out of sync.

But if you run compile_all on and old rev, and just compile after svn update, the dll is not re-build and now you can try to link old dll with new app with thoses problems you exposed.

compile script explicit lraydium, that mean it look for raydium library, with some tests it appera that it won't use raydiumd for example (d mean debug).

Is it possible you use and old version of the dll ?

I try to explicit raydium dll to use, but gcc -l option doesn't want at all !

Build raydium.dll each time is quite long and can be borring.

Can you make some others tests, but i don't know what i can change in compile scripts.

Waiting for your feedback to improve compile scripts.

Have a nice day.

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